About us

Chairman's Message

In accordance with the general development strategy and over-all restructuring and reform of SINOMACH, Sinomach Capital Management Corporation was established in early 2011. Sinomach Capital Management Corporation is a comprehensive capital management corporation, with asset management, asset operation and asset investment as its core business, equipped with value-added business of international trade and equity brokerage, etc.

In view of the strategic adjustment of national economy restructuring, holding the general principles of state-owned enterprise reform, advocating the enterprise core values of " Pioneering, Innovative, Responsible, Win-win ", Sinomach Capital Management Corporation manages its assets to achieve better asset utilization and higher efficiency, to serve the group’s reform and restructuring, to hatch and foster new business, to serve the group’s goal of speedily becoming a big conglomerate group with international influence, and to establish its core competency gradually and therefore to achieve sustainable development. Meanwhile it will actively carry out its corporate citizenship and help build a harmonious society.


We expect to win support from various circles of the society, carry out the group’s core values of "Work Together and Win Together", and achieve long-term development.


Looking forward to its future, Sinomach Capital Management Corporation is prepared to meet new challenges and new tests. ‘Ride the wind and cleave the waves, Set sail to cross the Sea’. Sinomach Capital Management Corporation will surely have a better future.